A Group Art Photography Exhibition

Exhibition Dates
7th April 2018- 30th April 2018
Opening Reception Date and Time
Saturday, April 7th 7-10pm
Exhibition participants
“MATTER of SUSPENSION” participating artists include: Nicolas Teichrob (http://nicolasteichrob.com) Jonathan Dy (http://jonathandy.com),  Bon Roberts (https://www.goldmoss.com) , Lee Roberts (https://www.goldmoss.com)
Reinterpreted encounters as matter suspended for investigation, or subject matter being prevented from being in force or effect are a few of the interpretations explored in this exhibition. A group of 4 contemporary art photographers converge at Goldmoss Satellite for “MATTER of SUSPENSION”, an exhibition by artist photographers of diverse media, experience and subject matter producing 4 new works each in response to the show title.
Jonathan Dy is a photographer with a background in painting. The grit of his factory hometown Windsor, Ontario, and influence of its American counterpart, Detroit, has uniquely shaped his artistic pallet. Primarily self-taught, Dy is known for creative in-camera techniques reminiscent of early film maneuvers. With his art background, he could be characterized as a photographer who has kept his painterly instincts intact while behind a lens. 
Nicolas Teichrob is a Sunshine Coast based artist who holds a M.Sc. in Hydrology and a unique eye that has picked up over 50 awards through his outdoor adventure photography and filmmaking. Nicolas’ projects seek to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places.
Bon Roberts’s exploration of photography is a catalyst that presents itself in story telling of life the woods. Documenting changing seasons on a permaculture property full time becomes a new collective experience of many forms. Through the practice of picture making, a symbolic language slowly emerges out of the ground and forms take shape with ever-changing texture and rhythms.
Lee Roberts’s work is very much about transformation. Depictions are focused primarily on the animal condition and are often articulated through use of biological and industrial repurposed materials like conveyor belting, skulls, bicycle inner tubes, surgical blades, flooring, re-bar tie wire etc. Many of the materials are free and would otherwise be bio-waste or industrial landfill. The aim is to transform seemingly useless items into intriguing, enquiry driven and ultimately treasured items that resist time.
April 07, 2018