Bon and Lee Roberts often take on commissions for Painting, Drawing, Photography and Sculpture. 
Generally, people considering commissioning us fall into one of the following groups, people who have:
  • purchased or moved to a new space and want key feature artwork(s) in specific locations. 
  • seen something they like but want it bigger or smaller.
  • a specific space they want to get creative with.
  • liked Bon or Lee’s work, but they have never commissioned a piece of artwork.
  • spotted a work they love but want something similar in a different colour palette.

The Process

We have developed a simple process that ensures a positive process and outcome for both the purchaser and artist. 
We stay in touch throughout the creative process and include commission clients in the following key stages:
  1. Meeting to discuss the project without cost or obligation.
  2. Preparing a clearly defined quote for the work the purchaser reviews and signs off on.
  3. Bon or Lee receive a 50% non-refundable deposit based on the approved concept and budget.
  4. The art is conceptually sketched to proportion and shared with the client. There are often a few concepts/variations to the work, which are ironed out at this stage. A revisions/development stage is included in the quote. If an additional round is required, the additional work is explained, and an additional fee will be added to the final invoice. In our experience, this is rarely needed and original quotes suffice.
  5. After the concept and direction are established, the art piece is started and when the work is at a stage that gives a clear indication of direction, it is shared with the client to ensure both artist and client are still on the same page.
  6. The final work is delivered and installed or picked up by the purchaser.
Lee and Bon have yet to have an art commission rejected, but if that happens, the deposit and the artwork stay with the artist, and the client has no further obligations.

How it Works in Practice

Below is a commission which illustrates the process through the client's experience.


Stage 1: Concept and Budget

"I had seen Bon and Lee’s artwork, liked it very much, and previously purchased one of Bon’s pieces. I commissioned Lee to create the centerpiece for my home. We discussed extensively my ideas for the piece, developed them together and arrived at a concept that respected both my intentions and budget."

Stage 2: Concept Approval

"I was very comfortable with Lee’s progress as he brought to life the piece we discussed. His rough and detailed sketches for approval were good milestones and I never felt like there would be an unexpected or unpleasant surprise. The final piece turned out as well as I could hope for, both faithful to the original ideas and surprisingly more beautiful when complete. It now stands beautifully on the wall of my place for me and my guests to enjoy."

Stage 3: The Final Work

Name = Field of Dreams
Medium = Rebar tie wire
Size = 30” x 40"