If you are looking for unique contemporary art, Goldmoss delivers. Multimedia is their specialty. You’ll find pieces constructed from scalpel blades, 3D wire sculptures, images made from recycled rubber, drift wood and found objects, “paper” cut birds done in powder coated steel, large format hyper-realism photography, and acrylic on canvas. The diversity is wonderful. Well worth a visit.

Marni MacLeod


Highly creative artists that always astonish me with their wonderful work. Very approachable, likeable, and will spend time with you to explain their methods and creative inspirations. Check out their current showing at Ferry Building in West Vancouver. Avian inspired. Amazing!

David O'Donnell


I have been to Goldmoss a number of times for small gallery events. Lee and Bon are huge supporter of artists and amazing artists in their own right. Drop by and enjoy.

Gerry Eckford


For a fresh, contemporary perspective on art on the Sunshine Coast, Goldmoss should be your destination. Artist/proprietors Lee and Bon bring their complimentary styles together to create a greater whole that encapsulates our relationships to nature and culture. Using found and upcycled materials along with traditional mediums, the pair to executes striking two and three dimensional works that will have you talking long after your visit.

Keith Lay


A remarkable natural environment, amazing creative talent. Loved it!

A.George Sinclair


GoldMoss is my go to destination on every trip I make to BC , a guaranteed warm welcome to exchange cultural and horticultural ideas with Lee and Bon in the most beautiful of environments to enjoy and absorb their artworks and ideas. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Paul Rosenfeld


Beautiful, unique art made from recycled materials. Highly recommended!

Uma Maric


I have viewed the Gastown location of Goldmoss Studio.....very impressed.........strikes me as a fine gallery of contemporary art...

Brian Farlinger


A wonderful and vibrant studio maintained by two dedicated and inspirational artists

Nadège Smolik


Unique, exceptional contemporary art. Highly recommended.

Doug Jasinski