April 1st – April 31st. 2017

Opening reception
Saturday April 1st. 7-10pm.

1338 Franklin Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 1N9

A group of 6 contemporary art photographers converge for Capture Photographic Festival at Goldmoss Satellite.
“WIDE OPEN” An exhibition by photographers of diverse media, experience & subject matter produce new works reflecting the show title.

Jonathan Dy is a photographer with a background in painting.
The grit of his factory hometown Windsor, Ontario, and influence of its American counterpart, Detroit, has uniquely shaped his artistic pallet. Primarily self-taught, Dy is known for creative in-camera techniques reminiscent of early film maneuvers. With his art background, he could be characterized as a photographer who has kept his painterly instincts intact while behind a lens. Dy is most recognized for his portraiture of Vancouver’s music, theater, and visual art scenes. He published his first fine art book of portraits in 2013, entitled I Need To See You. “I work by way of epiphany, as airy as that may sound. The process of cracking an idea open and peeling through the layers of possibility, has been the pattern of my creative endeavors. Over the last year I’ve rediscovered film, armed with the knowledge from a decade of using digital. While the essence of both instruments are the same, it feels as though I’m joining a culture reminiscent of early surrealist photography.”


Lital Marom worked as a fashion photographer for Bon agency HQ in Stockholm shooting for a variety of major high street Swedish brands, such as H&M. She has photographed commercial campaigns for brands as Furla, Lee jeans and Wrangler, developing a distinct approach not only in fashion photography but in the realms of artistic portraits, art, and nudes. She has been commissioned by a variety of European newspapers to shoot editorials of creative people, and is currently working on a book for release in 2018 that will document makers, exploring what we can all do to expand our sense of possibility. Lital’s photography leverages emotion as a springboard for the kind of seeking that makes us more open and less constrained as thinkers. Her artistic work captures the most private aspects of the human experience. Offering a window into struggle, wonder, and the nature of solitude, while capturing the fascinating contrasts of being human.
In photographs, we archive our hope. We examine the struggles and the emotions–the humanity– of the present and past to get clues for the future.


Nicolas Teichrob is a Sunshine Coast based artist who holds a M.Sc. in Hydrology and a unique eye that has picked up over 50 awards through his outdoor adventure photography and filmmaking. Nicolas’ projects seek to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places. Visual highlights include the west coast B.C. anti-oil tanker/pipeline surf and SUP film – STAND (2013), Jumbo Wild (2015), Canada Wild’s salmon projection installation – Uninterrupted (2017 in prod.), and an art based ski film – Numinous (2017 in prod.). Further projects include Spun Spectra and SoundGarden, audio-visual installations utilizing projectors, holograms, and natural landscapes to expand our spatial scales of engagement. The creative oceanic hub of Roberts Creek continues to shape Nicolas’ work and play alike where he can often be found exploring the forests and waters with a curious interest and perspective.


Mira Hunter is an interdisciplinary visual artist, an optimist, an environmentalist and a second-generation whirling dervish. She has studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Yale University School of Art and Music, and graduated with an MFA in 2013 from Columbia University in New York City. She has collaborated with Turkish born musician/producer Mercan Dede, the Modern Dance Company of Turkey, she was featured in David Michalek’s Slow Dance project that was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2008, she appeared in Fatih Akin’s award winning documentary Crossing The Bridge: The Sounds of Istanbul and was one of the primary artists involved in the creation of the eco habitat Waterpod in 2009. Hunter’s sculptural installations often involve imagery captured using a bullet time camera ring she created with her husband Derek Junck Hunter, which they presented at dorkbot NYC in 2011. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Roberts Creek, British Columbia.


Derek Junck Hunter is an environmentalist and an interdisciplinary visual artist. His photography is attempting to convey snippets of time and detail from the microscopic as it meanders through the thicket of the forests and creeks. Derek hopes to draw the viewers attention to the odd and entrancing wide world around them. He received his undergraduate degree from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design university in 2002 and his Masters in fine arts in 2009 from Simon Fraser University. It has always been an interdisciplinary bonanza of ideas and salvaged materials guiding his art works. While his drawings feel sculptural and sculptures feel like engineering blueprints it is the mixing and interloping that gets interesting.


Bon Roberts exploration of photography is a catalyst that presents itself in storytelling of life in the woods. Documenting changing seasons on a permaculture property full time becomes a new collective experience of many forms. Through the practice of picture making, a symbolic language slowly emerges out of the ground and forms take shape with ever-changing texture and rhythms. Bringing together experimental angles and trying to interpret an experience with coop life, and self sufficiency bush living. Photography helps Bon hack into pockets of nature in its raw form. Contrast is created and converged between permaculture and contemporary minimalist expression when she brings natural objects of all shapes and forms into her naturally lit passive solar studio. Exposing seeds, wildlife, and all other of the earth creatures and elements, she slows things down enough to capture authentic, thought provoking simplicity.


April 01, 2017