Lee & Bon

Lee Roberts
Sculptor and Mixed Media

Lee mostly focuses on materials that would otherwise be industrialized landfill or Biological Waste matter. His approach is contemporary clean with the ambition of “Biowaste to Beauty” and “Industrial Waste to Wonder”. Approach is often sculpture, and often 2 demential, but mostly Lee’s work lies in between the 2 and 3d line, which seems to opens up a new level of inquiry by the observer.


Lee's Art and Process

Bon Roberts
Painter and Fine Art Photographer

Depictions are mostly larger works articulated through short run limited edition photographic print and oil on canvas. Studying and continually creating a food safe and self sustainable environment on acreage on the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years directly influences and impacts both the subject and stylistic expression of her work. Meandering and mosaic like canvases take on kinetic rhythmical patterns that are mostly abstract, created without reference and reliant on intuitive flow and natural light. Other canvases merge this kinetic flow with depictions of birds that have a sharp focus with an intimate experience. This fusion of abstract, seemingly random pattern and singular focus on the core subject creates what the artist explains as her reflection of the daily immersion experienced with the lives of the birds and nature she is surrounded by.


Bon's Art and Process